Saving Money When Renting a Car


Renting a car is never cheap, but if you are traveling during high traffic times like the summer or holiday season, the prices can go up even more. There are a couple ways that you can cut costs while renting a car. Sometimes people want to stick to name brands, but using a smaller rental place that isn’t as well known can cut your prices by 15-30% each time you rent. You can get help finding these places by using websites designed to list all the rental places in your area.

You should also dig around on different websites looking for online discounts or coupons. There are also different member or frequent user programs that you can pair up with renting a car to cut down costs. These are especially useful if you do a lot of traveling. You should also try to use as many coupon codes and discounts as possible because sometimes companies will let you use more than one at a time.

If your trip isn’t for a while, you can use a website that will keep checking rates for you until you need to leave. You can use these sites to either track the price of a rental that you already booked at other places, or you can have it search for new discount codes on the rental you already purchased. You should definitely rent a car through an off-airport location instead of waiting until you get to the airport. Airport rental cars usually have fees added onto them which increase the price by a lot.

You can also save money while reserving the car for longer than you are going to need it. This doesn’t seem like it would save you money, but it actually does. Car rental places usually have discounts for weekend travelers, so if you add another day onto your reservation to extend it through a weekend, then it will reduce the price for your entire rental. You will pay for an extra day, but you save more on the other days, so overall it is cheaper. Click here for more info!

It also never hurts to try and negotiate for something different than you reserved. If you don’t ask for a discount you will never get one. Also if you need a bigger vehicle, like a van, you can reserve an economy car, but then say you don’t mind taking a van they have one. Vans are in less demand, so they are usually happy to have someone take a van for the price of a car. You can also get a lot of discounts by prepaying for your car.You can also learn more details on how to rent a car by checking out the post at


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